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Food Safety and

Quality Assurance Consulting

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The Most Important Function in your Company

It's Product Development. Did you actually set up a system for this or did it develop organically over time? If so, you are likely wasting time and money getting your new products to market. Also, costly food safety mistakes can fall into the cracks between departments.


How would you like world-class experts to optimize systems for you?

Make Your Life Easy!

Quality systems do not have to be difficult.


They are a strategic part of your business that defines what needs to be done and who is responsible.


Just as important, what do those same people do when issues arise?

Don't Fail This Critical Test

When it comes to food safety recalls, there are only two types of companies, no matter how big they are.


1. Companies who think they will never have a recall.

2. Companies who have had a recall and never want to experience that again.

Which one are you?

Meet Bryan Armentrout

Bryan is a 20+ year veteran of the food manufacturing industry.


He started as a Microbiologist and worked his way up the ranks. He eventually became Head of Quality Assurance and Food Safety for a 3.3 Billion dollar company.


He worked closely with trade groups and certification bodies to help shape the future of quality and food safety.


He is a best-selling author of The New Manager Mindset, a book dedicated to helping the next generation of leadership succeed.

Food Safety Consulting
Greg Newham.png

Greg Newham

Sr Director of Global Procurement


“Bryan was instrumental in helping with a high-profile project at Molson Coors. He went above and beyond. I have known him for years and am always impressed with his depth of knowledge.”


Lisa Allen

President and CEO

Twin Pops

“Bryan worked with us on a project to bring our food safety systems to a new level. He was a joy to work with and helped us create an amazing food safety plan. He was always willing to do what was needed and I found him to be a strategic-centric professional. I highly recommend his work.”


Kate Schade

President and CEO

Kate's Real Food

“Bryan went above and beyond when he helped us set up our Food Safety Plan. He was always available and willing to lend a hand. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to produce a great product!”

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